Football Manager – From Bottom to the Top

If you’ve been following my Football Manager 2019 career you will know what’s been happening, if not you can read part 1 via this link and part 2 via this link.

As a quick recap, I’ve been playing 1 single save on FM19 with a current time of 43 Days, 4 Hours and 30 Minutes at the time of writing this, it’s my longest ever FM save.

I started with Carlisle and took them from League 2 and turned them into the best team in the world before leaving to join Frome who were newly promoted to the Conference South.

My last post finished with getting Frome up to the Championship and losing in the play-offs semi finals.

The season after that I identified a few areas for improvement in my team and decided to sell some players that I could get a bit of money for and splash some cash to improve my overall squad.

After selling players the previous season totalling £14.75m and only spending £3.3m I ended up selling some more players for a total of £22.5m which gave me a nice transfer fund for the summer.

During the summer I ended up spending £14.5m improving my squad on 3 main areas I needed to improve which were a Brazilian/Polish Anchor Man who cost £4.4m breaking my transfer record, a Brazilian/Portuguese left back for £1.6m and then a Russian right winger for another club record of £7.5m.

All 3 signings were vast improvements and were all 19 with 5 star potential to be Premiership players so I was happy spending the money as they could be long term players at the club.

In addition to those 3 main players, I improved my overall squad depth with some lesser costing players, free transfers and loan players. 3 loans were promising players from Man Utd and 1 was a Portuguese striker that Man Utd and Man City were interested in buying.

A couple of the free transfers were players I’d had on trial since signing them at 16 years old but as they were foreign players, they couldn’t sign until they were 18.

Overall my squad was looking good going into the season and I was optimistic that I could improve on my previous season.

The season started off with a win followed by defeat which made me wonder if it would be a good season or not but after that defeat I went on a massive unbeaten run not losing another game until December where I got knocked out of the league cup followed by a 3-0 defeat away to Sheffield United who were only a mid table team.

I then had a mixed run of results with a few defeats and draws but I was managing to keep ahead of the pack staying at the top of the league.

The January transfer window was quiet for me, as I was top of the league I didn’t really need to sign anyone so only signed 2 young players for less than £150k total.

I also signed my son on a free transfer even though I didn’t need him and he’s shit.

I mentioned in my previous posts that my son came through the Carlisle youth team while I was there and he was a shit goal keeper, despite this I made him win a few trophies and leagues and played him for England when I was the manager, even having him take pens and free kicks to get a few goals.

He was always on a big contract at Carlisle so I could afford to sign him but once he was released, he happily came to me for £500 a week. He will now sit in my reserves until I play cup finals and I’ll try and get him a winners medal.

Also during the transfer window I sold my back up right winger for £5.5m, he was my first choice last season but after signing the new club record right winger he wasn’t playing and wanted to leave. I was happy to sell seeing as I only bought him for £24k and he’d only played 6 games for me so far this season.

The rest of the season went well, o had a good run of wins during February and in March/April I on my lost 2, drew 1, winning the rest in the league. I also lost in the FA cup 4th round.

The season ended with winning the Championship easily, finishing on 107 points after 33 wins, 8 draws and 5 defeats. 2nd place only had 88 points.

My best players were a left winger I signed for free a couple of season ago who had broken into the first team got 10 goals and 13 assists, my £300k striker who was top scorer the previous year also finished top scorer this year too with 19 goals, my record signing right winger also chipped in 15 goals.

After gaining promotion, I also managed to get an achievement I’ve never got before on any FM game and that was to manage a club from the bottom division through to the top division, previously my best attempts failed at league 1.

National Hero

Now I’ve got Frome into the Premiership I’ll need to look at my squad and see which areas I need to improve further. My core team is good and full of potential but may not be good enough for the Premiership straight away. There’s also always better players available so I could be ruthless and sell some players if I find better players available.

I’ve been here before with Carlisle and from experience, players that were good in the Championship aren’t always good in the Premiership, I think my Carlisle team only a small number of players that didn’t eventually get replaced.

Also I do like selling players where I can make a massive profit and then use that to sign potential wonderkids and once players start getting into their early 20s, if they are not reaching their potential then I’ll usually sell them while I can make good money on them.

That’s it for now, I’ve got Frome from the bottom to the top, now I’ll need to survive and turn them into a team to challenge my old Carlisle team at the top. It took me 5 seasons at the top with Carlisle to turn them into the world’s best team so I’ll aim for something similar with Frome and if I can do it, I’ll move onto another challenge.

– Sparko Marco