Eve Online – Niarja Bridge is Falling Down.

While not actually a bridge, Niarja is a system in Eve Online which bridges two of the biggest trade hubs in the game together.

Currently you need to jump through 10 systems to get from the biggest trade hub Jita to the second biggest Amarr, one of which is Niarja and it’s a key system.

Niarja is a 0.5 security system so has always been dangerous to pass through if on autopilot or carrying expensive items in a non tanky ship as suicide gankers use the system to gank easy targets but the alternative to avoid the system makes the trip too big.

Taking the analogy of the system being a bridge over a river, if that bridge was to fall, to cross the river you would have to go further along the river to find a new bridge or to get around it somehow, in Eve Online if Niarja falls, the safe route between the 2 trade hubs would go from a 10 system route to a 46 system route which is a massive difference.

Now you might be wondering what I’m talking about and how a system can fall, well I’m not totally sure myself what’s going on as I’ve just returned to playing the game but for a while now New Eden has been getting invaded by a race known as the Triglavians and the latest update has ramped these invasions up.

I don’t know if its random but it possibly is but the Trigs can now invade and take over a system unless the invasion is stopped by players helping the good guys, however with Eve being a sandbox, players can also side with the invaders and help them take over a system.

This is what is happening now in Niarja, the Trigs started their invasion yesterday and as at 07.10 Eve time on the 18th August 2020 the Trigs have 97% control so it won’t be long until they control the whole system.

Once they control the system, the defending forces that protect New Eden will withdraw from the system and give it up. This means that the security status of that system will drop and it will effectively become a null sec system whereby anyone can and will blow ships up without repercussion, any one that takes their trade ship in will likely lose it.

Traders will now need to either risk going through Niarja which would be stupid, make the 46 jumps to trade or not bother trading between the hubs, most I don’t think will bother.

What this means for Eve I don’t know, Amarr could lose trade and another trade hub will rise somewhere else, or Amarr could get bigger as the southern players use that instead of Jita while the northern players use Jita.

Only time will tell but it could be a big shakeup in the Eve markets and trade hubs.

Edit: it seems that the Trigs have gotten the system to Escalating Liminality which has pushed the sec status to 0.4 so the system is effectively low sec now.

The system is now in first liminality, continued success for the invasion will push it into second liminality before finally going into final liminality at which point the system will become null, so it’s not over yet but on its way, even as low sec it’ll cause traders problems.

Edit 2: at 10:19 Eve time Niarja now shows as in Second Liminality, only a matter of time until it goes final and the system permanently changes to null sec.

Final edit: at 14.45 Eve time, Niarja has fallen. It is now in Final Liminality and effectively now a permanent null sec with a sec status of -0.7, travellers beware.

– Sparko Marco

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