Eve Online UK Price Increase

I’ve just got an email informing me that Eve Online are increasing their monthly subscription fees in the UK, the first since 2014.

I can understand that prices do increase and inflation has an effect but I feel like with the world as is it at the moment and a lot of people have turned to gaming to help with isolation, plus the poor economy and job losses, that increasing costs now isn’t the best idea.

There is also a difference in how the different packages have changed and the percent increase which seems to punish those who only pay month by month.

The 1 month package which is probably the most popular has gone up from £9.99 to £11.99 which is a 20% increase.

The 3 month pack has gone up from £27.99 to £29.99, an increase of about 7.1%.

The 6 month pack has gone up from £49.99 to £55.99, an increase of 12%.

The 12 month pack has gone up from £89.99 to £99.99, an increase of about 11.1%.

The changes seem to make the bigger subscription packages better value, they have gone up by less and there is now a bigger saving between the monthly fee and the multi month packages.

Maybe it’s the intention of CCP to try and entice players to pay for the bigger packages.

The biggest problem I have is that the people who will be worse off is those that pay month by month and the increase may put off people upgrading from Alpha to Omega.

Also Eve is a game that can be played ok as a free to play Alpha account and there are already a lot of other methods to pay for Omega so all the increase will do is discourage people from subscribing to a monthly subscription or for trying it out for a month.

Also the price increase for the monthly fee is now higher than most other MMOs, if you consider World of Warcraft is only £9.99 a month then it makes Eve a more expensive monthly out going than the most popular MMO which may also put people off paying.

£9.99 is so an easier amount to pay as it’s less than a tenner so it doesn’t seem like it’s much, it’s a more justifiable amount to pay, especially when like me I don’t play all that often but am happy to pay it, I’m not sure I want to pay more when I don’t play it all the time, I will probably cancel my Omega and stick with Alpha from now on, I don’t play enough to justify to myself paying any more.

– Sparko Marco

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