Football Manager – Trying to Take The Dolly Blues up the Leagues – Season 10

After taking 7 seasons to get Lancaster City from the Conference North to the Football League, we’ve now had 3 consecutive promotions and found ourselves in the Championships.

Over the years we have been relying on staff to reccomend players and we end up signing players released by big clubs with upto league one potential and some have carried us this far but now my Director of Football isn’t finding those types of players good enough to come into the team. Usually my updates start with those players coming in that join us at the start of the transfer window but I’ve got no one joining on day one of the window.

I might need to wait until the end of June when players are released for my DoF to recommend some players released from big clubs.

In the mean time, my scouts have been finding some decent players but so far I can’t afford any. I’ve got several players I’d be happy to sell and replace, however I’m not comfortable selling too many first because if we can’t sign better players I’ll need to rely on the players we have to hope to survive in the league.

I’ll look to sell the fringe players that we didn’t need last year as I can do without them so any money I can get will be good.

Looking at the small transfer budget of £250k and wage budget of £80k along with the players my staff are finding, I think it’s going to be a struggle to get much better than we have.

I’ll hopefully be able to bring in some better loan players from Premiership clubs, usually they want them to play at a higher level so don’t loan me anyone but now we are only the league below hopefully my DoF will reccomend some good loan players.

I’m thinking that this first season at least in the Championship will be using most of last year’s squad and hoping we can defend well again and pick up enough points to survive, it could take several seasons to build a team capable of promotion to the Premiership but for now we just need to survive.

The club vision for the season hasn’t changed for a few years except for what division we’re in as again the board want us to continue playing our direct, defensive counter-attacking tactic while working within the wage budget and fight against relegation.

Although the last two seasons we also started in a new league and were expected to fight relegation but got promoted, I think that reflects the overall poor quality of those leagues and that we had players capable at that level, this season I honestly think we will be fighting against relegation unless we bring in several championship ability players.

When the league fixtures have come out we have a small problem as lots have been rearranged due to us ground sharing with Fleetwood. We were supposed to be moving into our new stadium at the end of June but it’s been pushed back until the start of November due to delays so hopefully theres no more delays and no more games moved around as the games moved so far look like we’ll have less recovery time in between some games as they have been moved to Sunday’s so our midweek games come around quicker after the weekend games.

So far by the end of June we’ve signed no one and sold 6 players totalling £130k. The biggest problem in finding so far is that my staff haven’t found any one for free that’s an improvement on my current players and any one they are finding to sign their clubs want stupid big transfer fees.

I tried signing a 18 year old left back from Dundalk in Ireland who is valued at £3.4k and has a year left on his contract but the club want £4.7m plus add-ons and 40% of any profit and Crewe in League One have a winger that looks good valued at £23k but are wanting £5.75m and 40% of profit.

Meanwhile my star players that I don’t want to sell, who are worth more get bids of less than half their values and get pissed off when I reject them. I had a bid come in for my first choice left back who is worth £200k, has an asking price of £1m and they offered £71k while my second best striker who is worth £500k, has an asking price of £2.5m gets a bid of £225k plus add-ons to make it a max of £450k but only if he plays 50 games for them and gets 50 league goals so I might not even get all the pittance they have offered.

I think it’s one of FMs biggest flaws, I know they don’t want it to be easy to buy all the best wonderkids for cheap so clubs want daft money but they also want daft money for players that aren’t even that great and when AI clubs try to buy your players that aren’t for sale then they should at least offer what they are worth.

You do get some good sales, but some offers are just ridiculous as are some asking prices when trying to buy players.

I’ve got £250k to spend but if clubs are wanting stupid fees like that then I won’t be spending anything.

Another issue I have is that Nicolas Pepe who we signed late last year and looked a different class to everyone else in the team and got 6 assists and 2 goals in only 11 games has decided that now has turned 35 he’s going to retire in his prime so that’s possibly one of the few players that could be good at this level now gone.

We might have only had him for a few months but I’d like to think he has become a cult hero to the fans as the first real superstar at the club who helped us win League One.

I have managed to bring back the keeper I had on loan last year for another season which is good, he didn’t look great when I got him last year but he improved loads and got in the leagues team of the year so was worth bringing back, especially as I can’t find or more my staff can’t find any one better yet.

When the first friendly game came around I had managed to add 3 new players to the team, 1 is just a young midfielder released by Southamption with Championship potential but I’ll probably loan out while the other 2 are on loan.

1 loan player is however fantastic, he’s a left inside forward from Leeds with current Championship ability and Premiership potential and will replace the loan winger I had last year, he does come at a cost as I’m having to pay £8,500 a week wages which is far more than anyone else in my team but he looks worth every penny, on paper at least.

The other loanee is a young defender from Blackburn who will come in as third choice and replaces the loanee defender I had last year.

Our pre-season friendlies went ok, we didn’t play any big clubs but we won all 4 games, scored 9 and conceded 0 which was good.

We also brought in a few more players but only on loan, we got a defensive midfielder and a striker that will be cover/squad players while we brought in a midfielder that looks really good and is current Championship ability much better than what we have so will be a first team player.

We’ve also sold some more fringe players that aren’t good enough at this level. The problem we could have though is that the overall size of the squad is fairly small now as more players have left than have came in.

I think one problem we have is that where we are now, we are too small a club and have no money to sign anyone, the quality free transfer players either won’t come or want more wages than we can afford and other than loan players, the only players that want to come aren’t better than we have.

We have Peterborough in the first game of the season at home and the starting 11 only has 2 new players and I can’t see anyone else joining, we have 6 loan players so don’t want anymore and unless someone offers big money for a player we won’t be spending money on anyone.

Looking at the season preview ahead of the games kicking off and we are predicted to finish bottom with odds of 350/1 which probably accurately reflects then quality we have compared to other clubs.

The first game went ok, although we went a goal behind due to a keeper error letting a cross bounce past him, my on loan inside forward got an equaliser that might end up being the goal of the season as he scored a first time, 45 yard volley after their keeper kicked it straight to him and got us a 1-1 draw.

Peterborough aren’t however a good team and have yoyo’d between the Championship and League One but it was still a good point.

Next we were away to Coventry who got promoted with us last season, they’ve spent £1.2m on new players and looked to be the better team as they took the lead but we equalised just before half time. The second half was much the same as we defended well and they looked better but then we scored 3 goals in the last 10 minutes to win 4-1. It was only after the game when it said we beat 10 men that I noticed they had a player injured in the 78th minute and had used all their subs, 2 minutes after that we took the lead.

We got another 1-1 draw next at home to Bristol City who are predicted to be a mid table team, a good start so far but we’ve not yet played any of the really big clubs in the league.

After our reserves scraped through the Carabao Cup first round away to League 2 Morecambe 2-1, the next league game is away to Stoke which will not only be the first big team we play as they are one of the favourites to win the league, it will also be my 500th game in charge of Lancaster.

If I remember correctly, though it’s been a while, I think I’ve had positive results in my milestone games but not this time as my 500th game ended in a 2-1 defeat to Stoke. I had expected it but didn’t do too bad as we came from behind and it took a late goal for them to win it as we defended well.

We followed that loss with another loss to another league favourite Nottingham Forest 2-1 but again we didn’t do too bad as we took the lead and they won with another late goal.

Back to back defeats against two big clubs but our performances were good and although I don’t think our team is great, our performances so far make me more confident in our survival.

Next up we had another big club, this time away to overall league title favourites Southamption who just got relegated. I expected another defeat and hoped we played as well as in the other games but we played even better and pulled off a surprising 1-0 win. Southamption battered us without creating any clear chances while we nicked a goal on the counter, a game our fans will be familiar with as we get a lot of wins playing this way.

We then ended August with another surprising win, this time in the Carabao Cup second round as my reserves got a 0-0 draw at home to Premeriship side Newcastle and then beat them on a penalty shootout.

The transfer window deadline day was an interesting day, I expected no activity but I had a couple of low bids for my first choice left back rejected again but the interesting offer was for a young attacking Italian midfielder I signed a few years ago when released by Man Utd.

Has got League Two ability and Championship potential and at 20 years old is currently on my bench as he can play across the 3 attacking midfielder places and central midfield so is good to have, however Middlesbrough offered a low offer, after some negotiation I got to about £400k but kept pushing wanting £2.5m so they pulled out.

Then they came back with a £1.4m offer so I asked for £5m and 50% of any next sale thinking they would reject outright but we ended up negotiating £4m and 50% of next sale which of course I couldn’t turn down. Not sure how or why it happened as usually I never get bids worth that much more than my players are worth but I’ll happily take it.

I don’t get all of the sale but the board have put £2m into my transfer budget but it’s come too late in the window for me to spend any of it, maybe in January.

I have however brought in another central midfielder on loan as back up from Swansea as I’m now short in that position.

As the bank balance now looks a bit better too I went back to my board to ask for some improvements, I feel like I ask at least once a month but it may not be that often but they nearly always refuse as we have no money so now they don’t have that excuse to deny me I hoped they would listen and I wasn’t disappointed as after some discussion they gave in and agreed to increase our youth recruitment to be considered established and they have agreed to spend £650k on improving the youth facilities to move us up a youth level to level 3, hopefully it’ll help bring in some better youth recruits.

Speaking of youth recruits, I’ve just had my third youth player since my last intake poached by bigger clubs, not sure how good they are as I can’t see anything, I assume they appear when the next intake comes through. One deal is worth about £1.2m if he plays around 100 games for their club, another was worth around £150k while the latest I only get 5% of future fees. It’s all money for nothing if I get something as they have never been at the club but I’m just hoping it doesn’t mean that I get no good players as they all get poached.

September was a shorter month for games than August as we only had 3 league ganes and a cup game compared to the 6 league and 2 cup games last month.

We started the month with 2 league wins against Derby and Luton, the Derby game was a lucky last minute goal win but we were much better than Luton winning 2-0 which took us up to 6th in the league.

We then had the Carabao Cup third round and our reserves got a 1-0 win over Brentford but we ended the month totally outplayed by top of the table Norwich and I was happy we only lost 2-0 and weren’t stuffed.

October started poorly with a 3-2 defeat at home to Millwall, we took the lead twice and then conceded the third in the 92nd minute, all their goals came from set pieces too which was disappointed.

We did however bounce back with 2 wins including a big 5-2 win over relegation placed Portsmouth and then beating stuggling Preston 2-0 away.

We then ended the month with our reserves losing away to Leeds 2-1 in the Carabao Cup fourth round as they were outplayed but didn’t get the luck they had in previous rounds.

At the start of November we were nicely placed in mid table in 12th place with a couple of games in hand over some teams around us and opened the month with an away draw against Reading who were just below us, we looked to be winning but conceded another late goal.

After that we got confirmation that we have moved into out new stadium named after club icon Mark Thornley. With a capacity of only 5,217 it doesn’t come close to anyone else in the league and although it can be expanded to 10,217 it would still be the lowest in the league.

I’m not sure what will happen in the future as I heard that you can only get a new stadium every 25 years and the max ours can go to is lower than the Premiership minimum of 12,500 so if we make it to the prem which we should do we might have to ground share elsewhere.

We should at least be selling out the stadium at games as we are averaging 8,036 in our shared stadium so although we will be having a full ground at games, it will be less than we have previously so it’ll be less income, we could do with getting it expanded to max as soon as possible.

Our next league game is at home to Aston Villa so we have a big team coming to the stadiums first game, I’d have preferred a poor team so we have a better chance to win our first game at the new ground but Villa could be too good for us.

Although I expected a loss to Villa and they took the lead we equalised with our first shot on target and went on to earn a 1-1 draw without any more shots on target.

The next game was away to bottom side Wigan who also came up last season with us, so far they have not won a game having lost 11 of their 15 games so as any FM veteran knows clubs like that nearly always seem to get their first win against the human managed club and this was a typical outcome as they scored from a corner in the first half then defended the game out and we lost 1-0.

We’ve now played 15 games, won 6, drew 4 and lost 5 to put us in 14th place which is a better start than I expected and we have a 10 point cushion ahead of the relegation places.

After the Wigan loss we did follow it up with another win beating Brentford 2-0 with both goals coming my my star striker I’ve had now for 6 years, he’s now got 10 goals in 18 games and only 6 off last season’s total. He’s been much better this year than last year, I didn’t think he would be able to step up but his coach report does say he relishes big matches and all these league games are big matches for us so that could be helping him.

Unfortunately that win was the only win we had all November as we had a poor 0-0 draw with Middlesbrough at home and then a 2-0 loss away to Barnsley, both teams are below us so I hoped we would do better.

Although we only had 1 win all month we are still clear of relegation by 12 points so it’s all good so far.

December is going to be a big month for us, it usually is with all the games we play but looking at the teams 4 of the 7 we play are in the top 6 while the other 3 are several places below us. We could do with not losing to the teams below and hopefully nicking some points elsewhere too.

Our poor run in November coincided with a few key injuries and it continued into December as we got more injuries and more poor results.

The first 2 games were losses, 3-1 at home to Cardiff and then 2-0 away to Ipswich before the flu started to spread around the club and we lost our star striker and one of our first choice central midfielders.

Another defeat 1-0 at home to Birmingham made it 4 losses in a row, I don’t remember ever losing 4 in a row since I took over 10 seasons ago. I could have done with some of the rubbish fringe players I sold in the summer as injuries are decimating the squad, I could barely fill the sub bench and players tired very quick in the game.

One things for sure we won’t be filling the team with any youth players as the initial assessment looks to be the worst since I took over too as we only have 2 positive comments saying we won’t be short of centre backs and there are a lot of wingers but nothing mentioning any good players, in fact it says there the centre backs won’t make the grade and there are few good wingers and not to expect much from the intake so another intake of rubbish even though we have upgraded our youth facilities and recruitment again this year.

Thankfully we didn’t make it 5 losses in a row as we got a much needed win at home to 21st placed Charlton beating them 2-0. We took an early lead then battered them all game while wasting several good chances with an xG of 3.77 and it looked like our misses would cost us as they scored in injury time but it was ruled out before we got a 93rd minute goal to make sure of the win.

It was a big win too as they are the team just outside relegation on 18 points so it’s took us 11 points ahead of them. Although our form has been rubbish the last couple of months and are joint 20th for current form, we are still in 12th place and not lost our points cushion ahead of relegation.

Going into the Xmas period the flu spread and we lost our star left inside forward that’s been one of our best players but luckily our other 2 players that had the flu have come back fit.

After another defeat, this time 2-0 away to high flying Bournemouth where our right winger got injured, we then lost our best centre back to the flu, I keep sending them home but it doesn’t seem to make a difference, we also had our defensive midfielder injured in training.

I’ve had a lot of injuries at the club before but this is the worst we’ve had and it just so happens to be when I’ve also got the smallest squad too.

Our last 2 games of the calendar year were against 2 teams worse than us, Peterborough who are 17th and Coventry who are 23rd. The first of them we lost 1-0 away to Peterborough as they scored a late penalty but we done better against Coventry ending the year with a big 4-1 win, the same scoreline as the away game earlier in the season.

A bad last couple of months as we only got 3 wins in 13 and lost 7 of them. Thankfully our decent start to the season means the poor run hasn’t been too detrimental to our league position as we are still mid table.

After 25 games, we have won 9, drew 5 and lost 11 giving us 32 points and putting us in 13th place and we still have a points cushion ahead of relegation of now 13 points.

The poor run is actually how I expected the whole season to go as we have too many players not good enough for this level. I could do with having a good transfer window to improve the squad as if our poor form continues we might start edging closer to the bottom four.

My scouts have started finding more good players as the board has allowed us to scout the whole of Europe, however the good players they are finding either won’t get a work permit, don’t want to come to us or they will cost more than we can afford. They are at least putting some good players on my shortlist for the future if we get more money.

The other problem I’m having is that they are also finding promising players that I could sign and I could afford but they won’t improve my team as they are currently worse than I have but have potential to be better.

I need to decide whether it’s worth investing the small money we have on potential and back up players or keep trying to find players that will make my first team better now, I might not have much choice but to buy potential if that’s all I can get to join me.

I also have 3 back up players and a first team player who are out of contract at the end of the season that I might try and sell as they aren’t good enough to offer them new contracts but at the same time with my current squad I can’t afford to lose them so if I sell I need to replace them.

Our first game of the New Year is actually on the 1st and we are away to Bristol City and thankfully we have most of our team back fit now, a couple aren’t 100% fit and some are fatigued but we’ve only 1 player actually unavailable through injury which is a lot better than at any time during December.

Bristol City are 4th so I was pleased to get a 2-2 draw but having taken the lead twice I was disappointed we could hold on to a win but at least we didn’t start the year off with a loss.

Our second game of the year was however a loss but we were away to holders Chelsea (who have won it the last 4 years in a row) in the FA Cup 3rd round and as Chelsea are one of the best teams in England on my save it was to be expected. I put my reserves out against them as they would beat any team I played and we were 3-0 down by half time so I was happy to see that scoreline stay the same at full time too.

A 3-0 loss away to a big team like that isn’t too bad a result as we could have got stuffed. More pleasingly though was the £1.3m we received in gate receipts from the game which is £1.1m more than we got all last month from our shitty little new stadium.

Another league defeat followed the cup defeat as we lost to Stoke 2-1 at home with yet another late goal conceded as they scored the winner in the 91st minute.

Afterwards we created a new transfer record, I say created instead of broke the record as it’s our first ever signing that cost money. Using some of the £2.4m transfer budget I signed a 21 year old hard working midfielder from Liverpool for £150k. He’s only League One ability and has Championship potential but he’s better than my other permanent midfielders we have so will go straight into the team. He’s also got a U19 Champions League medal, a FA youth cup medal and won the Euro Cup while at Liverpool as he was on their bench when they won, though he never actually played for their first team.

After a good 0-0 draw away to 6th placed Nottingham Forest we did then break our transfer record more than doubling our previous transfer to sign a 20 year old left back for £325k from Birmingham that could also play back up as a winger if needed. His star rating for current ability isn’t as good as those I have but his stats do look better and he has potential to be much better.

Our last game of January at home to league leaders Southamption was postponed which game us a couple of weeks rest before our next game which is nice.

At the end of Jan the transfer window shut and after already spending some of our budget I wanted to spend even more so I splashed out £135k on a 19 year old right back from Wolves and £275k on a 18 year old centre back from Dundee. Both are current League One ability with Championship potential similar to the other signings.

The money I’m spending might end up being wasted if the players don’t reach their potential so it’s a bit of a gamble but I need the players and they could be good if they improve, they also allow me to try and sell some players so I could recoup some of the money spent.

Outgoings weren’t quite as good as incomings, I did manage to sell 2 players that I’ve now replaced as I sold my 27 year left back for £50k and a 21 year old centre back for £20k. Both were no longer good enough and their contracts were up at the end of the year so I wanted to get what ever I could.

I nearly had £90k for the left back but he rejected the move and I thought I had sold my 24 year old right back who is also not good enough and out of contract soon for £250k which would have been nice but he also rejected the move and I couldn’t offload him to anyone else.

Overall I’ve spent £875k in the window on 4 players and brought back £70k from sales. We mostly signed defenders (3) with the other a midfielder which seems strange considering defensively we have been good over the years and not doing too bad this year either but the rubbish ones needed to be replaced.

Hopefully those signings will help us stay up, we still have a good 11 point gap ahead of relegation but we are the worst club on current form so we could be in danger if our form doesn’t improve with 18 games still to play.

The transfer window top spenders round-up is interesting and shows what I’m up against as the Championship was the top spending league spending £190m of which my £875k hardly makes a dent into it. The top clubs were my fellow league competitors Bournemouth with £53m and Norwich with £46.5m.

Despite improving the squad we couldn’t improve our form as we lost away to 18th placed Luton 2-1 in the first game of February as as seems typical during this bad run we took the lead, they scored almost straight away and then conceded in the 93rd minute to lose the game which put Luton ahead of us.

We then had the rearranged home game against top of the table Southampton who also beat us, this time 1-0 after a lateish goal in the 79th minute and to make it worse our new right back got injured in the 11th minute and is now out for 3 weeks.

We can no longer seem to finish the good chances we get, early in the season our star striker was doing well scoring 10 in 18 but since then he’s only got 2 in 10, I think I’ll have to replace him in the summer.

It also seems like injuries are starting up again as after losing our right back for 3 weeks we lost a centre back for 6 weeks, a winger for 3 weeks and then our second right back for 2 weeks leaving only the 1 right back I tried selling in January.

Injuries and fatigue affected my already poor team and we nearly threw away another game as after taking the lead at home to Derby who are just below us it was our turn to score late as we salvaged a 2-2 draw with a 94th minute goal.

I was hoping the draw and 2 goals might push us on a bit but it never as we lost 1-0 away to Villa, then lost 2-1 away to Millwall to continue our winless run, we’ve not yet won in this calendar year and gone 9 without a win.

For the next game we had 2nd placed Norwich at home and for some reason I decided to pick this game try out the more attacking possession tactic we used a few seasons ago as we had nothing to lose except another game which I’m getting used to now.

The more attacking tactic seemed to be doing ok in the first half though they were the better team, however we were the better team in the second half and we took the lead in the 70th minute and then got our first penalty of the season 5 minutes later which we scored from. After that I went back to the defensive counter-attacking tactic and we saw out our first victory of the year.

Maybe that win can kick start our season again and put us on a better run of form, or it could be an anomalous result.

We had Preston at home next who are mid table so I figured what worked against high flying Norwich should work against a worse team and I was partly right as we outplayed them and took a 2-0 lead so going into the last 10 minutes I went defensive the same as I did against Norwich to see the game out but that didn’t work as we conceded in the 84th and 90th minutes to throw away 2 points.

We at least ended February with some better form picking up 4 points in the last 2 games having only picked up 3 in the previous 9.

Our first game in March was away to Cardiff who are in the playoffs, I wasn’t sure whether to stick with possession or go back to counter-attacking so I decided to stick with possession as it got us points in previous games but we were awful and lost 2-0 without creating much.

The next game was another away game to bottom of the league Portsmouth and taking the last away game into account I went back to defensive counter-attacking but that didn’t help as we lost that one too as their defender that hasn’t scored since 2 seasons ago and over 70 games went and got 2 and we lost 2-1.

Our points lead over relegation was now down to 9 points which is still ok, we’ve been lucky that other teams haven’t been great so although we have dropped lots of points we haven’t lost much of our point cushion.

For the next home game to 10th placed Reading I tried the possession tactic again and we won easily 3-1 and I kept that tactic away to 11th Brentford and we easily beat them too 4-1 but the last win came at the cost of losing our new January midfielder we got for 2 months due to broken ribs.

Although we have had success the last few years playing defensive and we started off this season well too, I’m now wondering whether the team is better suited to now play possession or whether teams are trying to counter our counter-attacking so it’s not working and we’ve surprised them by changing it up.

What ever the season, the latest wins have put us 15 points ahead of relegation now and into 16th position, with 7 games to play we are still looking good to survive relegation.

After those wins we got the latest youth intake and I wasn’t expecting anything good based on the initial assessment and I was surprised to see one of the centre backs we got has 3.5 star potential which while not good, is more than I expected so I’ve given him a youth contract as he could become decent but otherwise the rest were as bad as I expected.

So 2 good wins against teams higher than us playing more attacking possession football should mean that we can also beat the team struggling in 21st too didn’t it? Nope, it means we lose 4-1 which is the first time we have conceded 4 in a game all season.

It’s a problem we have, the team just isn’t that good so if we play attacking and it doesn’t work we are too exposed at the back but as I’ve found if we play defensive we aren’t scoring enough to win points.

Not to worry, we’ve got 4 of our last 6 games at home and we only need 4 points to guarantee survival but probably less as the teams below will also lose points.

One game later and survival was confirmed as we beat 19th placed Wigan 1-0 at home as we scored with our only shot on target and defended well, a result that used to be typical early on when we were doing well.

Survival and having nothing to play for can often make the last games go either way, usually my players do worse as I’m not bothered about results and I’d say the players aren’t either which is probably why we lost the next 2 games 1-0 and then 3-2, both games we played the counter-attacking tactic which didn’t work.

However in the next game we were at home to Ipswich who were 2 points ahead of us, I played the possession tactic and my team decided now would be the best time to play their best game of the season as we destroyed them 6-0 with our best striker who hadn’t been scoring much in the second half of the season scoring 5 of them to take his total up to 21 for the season and beating his 16 total from last season.

6-0 is also the clubs biggest ever win beating our previous best which was 6-1 at home to Bromley back in the Conference National league.

We then ended the season with two 1-0s, the first a loss at home to Bournemouth before beating Charlton away.

After 46 games we have finished in a good 15th position after 15 wins, 9 draws and 22 losses, 9 draws is a new club record low since I took over as we are usually draw specialists and get lots of them, the number of losses is also the most we’ve had too since I took over, in fact looking at all league history the last time the club lost more than 22 was in the 2006/2007 season.

We didn’t do too badly for goals scored considering we played defensive most of the year, we only got 63 goals but it was the 9th highest while defensively we were 11th conceding 59 and only the top 6 had a better goal difference than our 4 as they were much better than the rest of the league.

Our star striker was our best player again getting 21 goals in 43 games which takes his tally up 137 goals in 227 games which are both the most for the club, he was too inconsistent though so might still need replaced.

Our stats for the season are similar to last season as we are the lowest for most attacking stats but unlike last season we weren’t as efficient in attack while weren’t as good defensively.

Overall a good season as it keeps us in the Championship, we were never really in danger of relegation even with our really poor form at times and we can hopefully build on it next year.

Hopefully we might get a better transfer fund to improve the team next year but I know whatever we get will be one of the lowest in the league so it might be hard to improve too much but any improvement could help us finish higher next year.

I’ll be back with an update after next season

– Sparko Marco

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