A Week in a New World

It’s been a week now since Amazon released New World and it’s been a mixed week for them with issues on day one still affecting players a week later.

The release of the game was riddled with issues surrounding their servers or more particularly a lack of servers and small server capacity left players sitting in massive queues unable to actually play the game.

Amazon have addressed this by opening up new servers, locking full servers to stop new players creating characters and slightly increasing the max population of servers but it was all done after release reacting to the problem rather than preparing for a large surge of players, surely Amazon must have known how many pre-orders they had and how many people had pre-downloaded the game and anticipated it better.

I think it’s also the first new big MMO released in a while, possibly since Elder Scrolls Online back in 2014 so players will have been looking for a new MMO to play, I know I have, which may have also contributed to the high volume of players.

My week started off better than most as I got lucky being able to log into the server I planned to go onto as I had researched where UK players would be going to and joined the Bifrost server, at the time I didn’t know about the 2000 server limit for users logged in but it didn’t matter as within minutes all servers had a queue as there wasn’t enough servers which was made worse by non EU players joining just to be able to reserve their worldwide locked names.

The first day went well for me as I got lots of play time then day 2 was similar but after that I could only log into the server if I logged in early in the morning when there was no queues but if the game crashed or I logged out then there was no way of getting back in which was frustrating and players started abusing afk mechanics to stay logged in when they weren’t playing which added to the server issues, this still happens now on full servers but Amazon have said they are finding new ways to catch those players.

After a couple days of frustration not being able to log into my character in the evenings I decided that I was going to reroll onto a new server with no queues and found one which seemed like it was ok as there were plenty of people logged in and a queue of 1 so I started again. My original character was level 25 and I got my new one quickly to level 8 before logging out but when I went to log in later on there was a queue of nearly 1000 which was no good.

I decided to reroll one more time and this time I picked a server with no queue during a more peak time and rolled onto the Erewhon server which when looking online at peak it had around 1900 people online and no queue which looked good and since then I’ve got my new character up to level 26 and I’ve been able to log on and play whenever I wanted which has been much better.

I’m pleased I made the decision to reroll as the Bifrost server I was on has big queues from midday to midnight so I wouldn’t have been able to play without logging in early and I figured all that time wasted sitting in a queue would be better spent levelling a new character on a lower population server. I was worried about wasting the time I had already spent on my original character but in reality I would have wasted more time sitting in queues and it would have probably made me quit and with the game still being early days it’s better to have wasted a few days levelling and starting over than wasting days sitting in queues and not progressing.

Also Amazon have announced there will be free server transfers later on and they can merge servers if needed so if the game dies down a bit and servers become ghost towns then I can move servers or join with another so there should always be enough players on a server to be able to play the game.

Another added bonus of moving servers is that when I do get on before or after peak times then there are a lot more resources available to farm, I’ve actually found things to farm like moths and snails sitting on dead trees that I didn’t know existed as the full population server farmed everything too quick so the second time around my gathering and crafting skills are increasing faster as it’s easier to gather things.

I would imagine that those full servers are always going to be full as players are reluctant to move and start over so they sit in queues, they abuse afk mechanics and they complain that they can’t play, it won’t get better for them as Amazon won’t increase server sizes enough for them all to get in so unless lots of players quit, transfer to other servers or start over then they will continue to have problems playing, my recommendation for those players is to bite the bullet and start over on a server where they can play while the game is still early, they will soon catch back up to where they were by being able to play instead of wasting time in a queue and if people don’t want to leave their friends or companies then they could all move together, there’s nothing stopping them although I could understand the reluctance if they have no lifed the last week and have levelled massively but it’s only been a week and they can level even more than they have in a full week on a server when they can always log in.

The best thing I did in the game was move servers as I’m now on a server that’s full at peak times without having a massive queue so I can play when I have time to play and not having to log on early to get into the game or to start waiting in a queue and hoping it doesn’t crash which is a much better experience.

For example tonight logging in at 19.30pm which is getting into peak UK times there is no queue to get into my new server while my old server has a queue of nearly 1800 which is almost as many as is allowed onto the server so I wouldn’t be able to play for a few hours at least on my old server whereas I can get on straight away and play on my new server.

Overall I’m thoroughly enjoying the game although I’m not sure how long it will last doing the same town hall quests all the time as I can see those getting boring and eventually I will have completed the main storyline, maxed out gathering and crafting skills which at the moment is something I enjoy doing but there is potential in the game as there are lots of achievements to aim for, I can level up all weapons eventually if I wanted to and I’ve heard that there are plans to add more weapons into the game. There is also the PvP aspect to think about as it looks like end game could be a lot more PvP with wars and fighting over territory which could be interesting, I’m not really bothered about PvP at the moment as being ganked while levelling is not a fun experience but later on it could be fun.

If I’m still playing the game in a few months then it’ll have been a success in my eyes, if not then I’ve already had enough enjoyment out of it to justify getting the game as I’ve already played it more than I have other games I bought and quit with less hours played. I’m interested to see where the games going long term but it could end up being a game like World of Warcraft and Eve Online where I dabble in them still playing on and off or it could be like Elder Scrolls online where I binged it for a few weeks then haven’t played again.

– Sparko Marco

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