Eve Online – Are the Goons losing the war? Are they getting desperate?

I don’t know much about Null Sec politics or the ongoing wars but I do know that Goonswarm are one of the biggest and most powerful alliances in Eve. A long time ago I used to be part of Goonswarm briefly while in a Null Sec corp but didn’t stay long as there were too… Continue reading Eve Online – Are the Goons losing the war? Are they getting desperate?

Eve Online – Niarja Bridge is Falling Down.

While not actually a bridge, Niarja is a system in Eve Online which bridges two of the biggest trade hubs in the game together. Currently you need to jump through 10 systems to get from the biggest trade hub Jita to the second biggest Amarr, one of which is Niarja and it’s a key system.… Continue reading Eve Online – Niarja Bridge is Falling Down.

Trying Eve Echoes

Eve Echoes is a new mobile game available for Apple iOS and Android created by CCP Games, the people that created Eve Online alongside NetEase Games who I believe are known for making mobile games. From what I can gather its basically Eve Online but on the mobile in a parallel New Eden which means the same Eve but from the start so new players won’t be years behind veterans.
I like the game from what I’ve seen, its definately worth trying out and could be worth putting some time into it but for me its not worth spending money on it at the moment.

Gaming Roundup

It’s been a while since my last post as I’ve not had a lot of spare time and what little time I’ve had I’ve spend playing games. To try and get back into it I’ll write up a little bit about some of the games I’m  currently playing. In the mobile world I’ve spent most… Continue reading Gaming Roundup