Gaming Roundup

It’s been a while since my last post as I’ve not had a lot of spare time and what little time I’ve had I’ve spend playing games. To try and get back into it I’ll write up a little bit about some of the games I’m  currently playing. In the mobile world I’ve spent most… Continue reading Gaming Roundup

My Games Roundup

I’m currently playing a lot of games and at the same time real life is limiting my play time so I think a Roundup of those is in order to see how I’m getting on with each one. Football Manager 2017 I’ve been playing this on and off going through long patches where I play… Continue reading My Games Roundup

Titanfall 2 – Gameplay, Game Modes and Multiplayer

I’ll start by saying that as a fan of FPS games having previously played various Call of Dutys, Battlefields, Destiny and currently playing Overwatch that Titanfall 2 ranks up there with the best. I didn’t plan on playing Titanfall 2, I originally planned to buy Battlefield 1 but that was sold out so I bought… Continue reading Titanfall 2 – Gameplay, Game Modes and Multiplayer