Hitting Level 50 in Lost Ark

Last night about a month since its release in the west I hit level 50 in Lost Ark. My progress was slowed down with the initial EU Central region having massive queues and then starting over on the EU West region which given EU Central still have massive queues I’m pleased I did swap over.… Continue reading Hitting Level 50 in Lost Ark

Lost Ark First Impressions

Lost Ark is a top down Korean ARPG MMO game, I think that what its classed as anyhow. It’s been out in Korea for a couple of years and in Russia but was recently released in Europe and the Americas and is free to play so I figured I would give it a try. The… Continue reading Lost Ark First Impressions

A Week in a New World

It’s been a week now since Amazon released New World and it’s been a mixed week for them with issues on day one still affecting players a week later. The release of the game was riddled with issues surrounding their servers or more particularly a lack of servers and small server capacity left players sitting… Continue reading A Week in a New World

New World Beta First Impressions

Over the last couple of years I’ve seen the odd thing about the MMO New World that Amazon have been working on and recently seen more as people played the closed Alpha and Betas and it looks interesting and could be fun to play but I wasn’t sure if would be a game for me… Continue reading New World Beta First Impressions